Friday, August 17, 2012

A Day in the Life of Social Media....

Social Media is taking over our lives and choice. We wonder what we did 10 years ago without it. You can't leave your home without your cell phone or all is lost.

We've become so dependent on technology and "staying connected" that we don't know what it is to not have access to Internet for over a day...I'll tell you what it's called: VACATION.

Check out this great video that gives a quick overview of a day in the life of social media.

One major point in this next video triggers many of my future blog posts:
"Only 14% of people TRUST ADVERTISING, and 90% TRUST RECOMMENDATIONS via social media"

Guess what that means: advertisers have already and will continue to infiltrate our trust, emotions, and buying decisions based on "recommendations" we see from other friends and family members participating in social media.

Check it out:

Power of Social Media