About Me

Since I was young, music, acting, dancing and singing were part of my life. You can say I grew up with the entertainment industry all around me. Through recording music, acting and dance performances, and choreography, I was able to get a taste of what this industry demanded. Years later, I officially realized the magnitude of this industry is ever changing and its growth will only continue to expand.

As a result of my direct passion for the entertainment industry, I decided to expand my knowledge of it by focusing on Mass Communications as my undergraduate degree from Southeastern University. My studies led me to write screenplays, contribute to publications and yearbook through journalism, participate in theater in front of and behind the scenes as well as study the history of media. 

With entrepreneurs as parents, business and leadership was instilled and taught daily. Between my passion for the fine arts and business as a foundation, I have had the privilege of co-owning my own Fine Arts School, teaching dance courses, writing for publications and planning and organizing a large music competition and festival, amongst many other things.

Life has come in full circle and even though I've tried several things outside of the entertainment industry, it somehow draws me back. Despite my love for performance, I enjoy being behind the scenes...and not just on set. 

Today, my passion has shifted towards the education industry within entertainment. As I work on my Master's in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University, my thoughts are how young people are preparing for what's ahead in this industry? What should they expect? How has and will social media and technology shift this billion dollar industry? 

That's what this blog is about...

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